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4th of July Centerpiece

Laura GranberryComment
photo: Michael Granberry

photo: Michael Granberry

Welcome to the debut Journal entry in our brand new weekly series #tipsbylaura! Many of you know that The Art of Simple's co-owner Laura Granberry is a design and stylist extraordinaire, so in the spirit of one of her favorite holidays she's whipped up the ultimate 4th of July centerpiece. The best part (besides its adorableness)? It's an easy and functional centerpiece! After you and your guests enjoy the visual over cocktails, BBQ and watermelon, the evening celebration kick into festive gear when everyone gets to share in on the fireworks fun!


  • 2 medium Azure milk glass cake plates (from AOS) $55 each
  • 1 large Azure milk glass cake plate (from AOS) $85
  • Stoneware bowls - large and small (from AOS) $8 and $10
  • Small american flags (from AOS) $1each
  • Seafoam bei tumbler (from AOS) $15
  • Collection of fireworks (from Publix)

{all items except the collection of fireworks available for purchase at the Art of Simple} 

Cheers and Happy 4th, y'all!